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Summer Vacations Post-Divorce

If you’re recently divorced, summer could look a lot different this year. When kids are involved, summer break – and especially family vacations – may be difficult to navigate. Although there’s not one, perfect solution to ensure harmony, the right approach and a positive attitude

Ask Dr. Lowenstein: Is laughter really good for your mental health?

You’ve likely heard the expression: Laughter is the best medicine. What you may not know is that science actually supports it. In fact, laughter produces chemicals in the body that can enhance your physical and mental health. How it works Almost immediately, laughter activates and

How Divorced Parents Can Help Their Teen Navigate the College Process

A common mantra for separated or divorced parents is to always put their child’s interests first. This certainly comes into play as the teens of divorced parents embark on their higher education journey. When the time comes to help your teen research, apply and pay

Ask Dr. Lowenstein: What can I do today to fight racism?

The American Psychological Association defines racism as “a personal belief in the superiority of one’s race over another,” and institutionalized racism as “a system of assigning value and allocating opportunity based on skin color.” The latter “unfairly privileges some individuals and groups over others and

Divorced and Dating During the Pandemic

It takes time to heal and recover from a divorce. In fact, there’s no set amount of time that determines when you’ll be ready to date again. But even if you’re ready, the pandemic has made it difficult, if not impossible, to connect with other

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