Therapeutic Services

Dr. Lowenstein conducts therapy sessions for children, adolescents, and adults in his office, which is located in the German Village neighborhood of Columbus. Patients can also choose to meet with him via telehealth. Different modalities are available and vary according to the problem, ranging from individual or group to family and marital.

Dr. Lowenstein understands the importance of being emotionally flexible, and makes it a key component of his approach to counseling people in both romantic and familial relationships. He seeks to equip his patients with practical strategies for setting boundaries around what is and isn’t appropriate. And he encourages greater use of adaptive parenting strategies, which leads to greater family cohesion and lower child distress.

Dr. Lowenstein empowers parents to become better parents, no matter if they are single, divorced, or in traditional or nontraditional families. “Many of us grew up with the because-I-said-so parenting method. Turns out, that’s more than enough. You don’t need to explain everything to your child,” he says.

When counseling couples, Dr. Lowenstein helps them strengthen the couple relationship, something that frequently gets overlooked and forgotten during the busy child-rearing years. He also reminds parents and families that while parenting and being part of a family are difficult tasks, parents should not overlook the importance of modeling appropriate communication, healthy relationships, love, and a caring attitude.


As one of the few Central Ohio therapists to accept high-conflict divorce cases, Dr. Lowenstein is particularly adept at managing the situation and its potential impact on child custody. Due to the high level of conflict, these volatile cases can be confusing for everyone involved, from the attorneys to the judge or magistrate. Dr. Lowenstein is careful to place the emphasis on the well-being of the child or children living through this difficult experience.

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