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A Healthy Approach to Video Games

In the past, parents worried about their kids spending too much in front of the television. Now we face the all-encompassing “screen time” struggle for kids who inevitably rely on their computers, tablets, phones and other devices for learning and entertainment. Video games have been

Ask Dr. Lowenstein: Do comfort foods improve your mood?

This year is coming to a close and many of us are looking forward to spending time with family and friends. More often than not, those gatherings involve traditional meals and dishes. It may feel like you’re surrounded by special holiday treats and sweets the

Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Most people experience trauma at some point in their lives. Based on the current state of affairs you may be grappling with several factors that have created trauma in your life, from climate change and the ensuing natural disasters to a high rate of COVID-19

Ask Dr. Lowenstein: Is there any truth to the 7-year itch?

According to popular belief, the 7-year-itch takes place when happiness in a marriage or long-term relationship declines after about seven years. But is there any truth to it? Let’s take a closer look. In the early years of a relationship, most couples experience a kind

Be Mindful of the Mental Health Stigma This Halloween

Whether you love a good scare or you’re just in it for the candy, there’s something for everybody on Halloween. Young children look forward to costumes and trick-or-treat while older kids seek out the scariest haunted houses. No other holiday brings neighborhoods and communities together

Ask Dr. Lowenstein: Do mental health apps actually help?

They say there’s an app for everything–even boosting your mental health. Whether you struggle with a disorder or you’re simply looking to improve your mood, you can find help right on your smartphone or tablet. As many people continue to deal with pandemic stress, the

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