Talking with Children and Teens about Hate Crimes

As Americans grapple with the recent racially motivated mass shooting in Buffalo, parents may be wondering how to talk with their kids about the incident—and about hate crimes in general. It’s important to help children understand what happened, address their concerns and fears, and maybe even take action to safely and effectively challenge the hate. […]

Ask Dr. Lowenstein: Can listening to music improve your mood?

You’re driving to work when one of your favorite songs starts playing on the radio. Almost immediately, you notice an uptick in your mood. This may be something everyone can relate to, but few of us understand the reason behind it.   Turns out, listening to music actually boosts dopamine production in the brain. And […]

How the News Affects Your Mental Health –and What to Do About It

The last few years have been challenging. From the pandemic to the war in Ukraine, it feels like every day brings a constant barrage of bad news. To make matters worse, the 24-hour news cycle is designed to attract readers and viewers with the most sensational stories, and social media continues to be a forum […]

6 Tips to Help You Adjust to Retirement

For years you’ve dreamed about a time when you can turn in your work badge and spend your days free from the worries and stressors of a fulltime job. During the pandemic, that’s exactly what many baby boomers decided to do. According to recent research, more than 3 million Americans retired early because of the […]

How to talk to your kids about war

It’s been a tough couple of years for everyone, and your children have certainly not been immune to the challenges. There’s a good chance kids and teens will be experiencing the effects of the pandemic for years to come. Now, just as it feels like life could be getting back to normal, war breaks out […]

Got friends?

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need people in our lives. Friends and family are vital to our well-being and essential for navigating life’s challenges, including illness, grief, unemployment and, yes, even a pandemic. With that in mind, here are some important reasons to nurture the friendships in your life as […]

Disappointment: How to conquer and reframe it

Your divorce may be over but you could still be experiencing feelings of disappointment that family life didn’t turn out as you hoped it would. The same is true of many things in life. You didn’t get the expected promotion. You weren’t accepted to the college of your choice. Or the pandemic is lasting longer […]

Ask Dr. Lowenstein: What’s the best way to cope with loneliness?

Although it’s clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted each one of us in very different ways, one thing is probably true for everyone: The past two years have been a time of increased loneliness and isolation. According to statistics from Social Pro, 36% of Americans say they’ve felt more lonely than usual during the […]

Coping with Panic Attacks

Anyone who has ever experienced a panic attack understands just how frightening it can be. One minute you feel fine, and the next minute it hits you without warning. Symptoms vary greatly, from a racing heart or tightening chest to a queasy stomach, sweating, a smothering sensation or trouble breathing. Other possible symptoms include chills […]

Ask Dr. Lowenstein: What is adjustment disorder?

We all experience stressful events in life. And it’s certainly not uncommon to struggle with the changes brought on by these events. But excessive emotional or behavioral responses could signal an adjustment disorder, especially in children and adolescents. For children, this may be triggered by the loss of a pet or birth of a sibling. […]