Fighting Fair in Front of the Kids

Couples argue. That’s a fact of life. But when fighting takes place in front of the kids, things can get complicated. That’s when arguments between spouses and partners take on new meaning as they may drastically impact their audience. While it may be true that some disagreements are unavoidable, it’s important to keep things civil—especially […]

Don’t Let a Strained Relationship with Your Ex Ruin the Holidays

Although most of us look forward to the holiday season, that’s not the case for everyone. Due to certain life circumstances, some people may view Christmas and the New Year with a sense of dread or anger. This may be especially true if you’ve experienced a hostile break-up or divorce. Unlike other times of the […]

Not sure what to say to your kids after the election?

While just about everyone is happy that an ugly, divisive presidential campaign has finally come to an end, not everyone is equally pleased with the outcome. That, of course, is a scenario that plays out in every election. But this was no ordinary election. At times, it was marked by hatred, anger, mockery and a […]

Have a question? Ask Dr. Dave.

“Ask Dr. Dave” is a forum for discussions which interest you. If you have specific questions about mental health,  overall family well-being, child and adolescent behavior, or issues that impact our communities and schools, Dr. David Lowenstein can help. Please contact Dr. Lowenstein via this website and your question will be considered for our monthly […]

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