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Embarking on a New Career after Your Divorce

Recovering from a divorce can be emotionally and financially challenging. On the other hand, it can also open the door to great opportunities. For some, life after divorce is a time for self-discovery and pursuing passions that may have been sidelined during the marriage. Whether

How Divorce Affects Adult Children

And how to lessen the impact When a couple with young children decides to divorce, naturally they will be concerned about how the decision affects their kids. Children in their developmental years are not only dependent on their parents, but they are also impressionable. It’s

Ask Dr. Lowenstein: Is it stress or anxiety, and is there a difference?

Stress is defined as a feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure, according to the Mental Health Foundation. It’s the body’s response to certain life situations, something external such as an argument with your spouse, too many deadlines at

Summer Vacations Post-Divorce

If you’re recently divorced, summer could look a lot different this year. When kids are involved, summer break – and especially family vacations – may be difficult to navigate. Although there’s not one, perfect solution to ensure harmony, the right approach and a positive attitude

Ask Dr. Lowenstein: Is laughter really good for your mental health?

You’ve likely heard the expression: Laughter is the best medicine. What you may not know is that science actually supports it. In fact, laughter produces chemicals in the body that can enhance your physical and mental health. How it works Almost immediately, laughter activates and

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