Make the Most of Your Parent-Teacher Conference

(14 Questions to Ask Your Child’s Teacher) It’s that time of year again—time to meet and communicate with your child’s teachers. Typically parent-teacher conferences are the most formal means of communication between parents and teachers; they provide a rich opportunity to build communication and understanding between the home and school. Even still, these conferences can […]

Mommy, I hate school! What’s a parent to do?

Spinach and broccoli are supposedly good for you, so we encourage our kids to eat them—often with moderate or no success. Likewise, kids are supposed to stomach a dozen or more years of schooling. Although you may be able to force your kid to eat spinach or broccoli, learning is a bigger challenge. When your […]

Kids and Money: The Best Habits Start Early

Money management does not have to be intimidating or laced with the mystique of a foreign language, as many adults view it. You can help your children establish better financial habits by teaching them about spending, saving and investing while they are still young. Regardless of how much money you have, the same basic lessons […]

Adjusting to the Empty Nest

Earlier this fall many parents sent their son or daughter off to college. For some parents, this was not just a new experience for their child. It may also have been an introduction to the empty-nest years. If this sounds familiar, here are some thoughts from Dr. David Lowenstein about navigating this chapter in your […]