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Dr. Lowenstein

Ask Dr. Lowenstein: Anxiety about the Upcoming Election

As we approach the election, what advice do you have for people who may be feeling overly anxious about the outcome?

My advice is to vote. It’s not only your right, but it’s your civic duty. The act of voting can be very empowering – especially while living in a world that at times feels like it’s spiraling out of control.

If you’re worried that the results of this election will be questioned, keep in mind that our democracy has been intact for more than 200 years. This may be a contentious election, but we will find a way to get through it. Our country will survive, and our democracy will prevail.

For now, focus on your own vote, whether you decide to vote early, by mail, or in person on Election Day. Just be sure to vote. And when your anxiety level starts to spike, turn off the news, stay away from social media, and find something else to talk about with friends and family. Instead, watch a good movie. Enjoy a glass of wine. Or take a walk among the fall foliage. Focus on something you enjoy in an effort to avoid the vitriol and discourse that has become so commonplace.