Is the Quarantine Putting a Strain on Your Relationship?

Remember when you dreamed of spending more alone time with your spouse or significant other, but busy schedules always seemed to get in the way? Now that a global pandemic has forced most of the country to shelter-in-place, you may have more time with your partner than you bargained for. Depending on your situation, that […]

Coping with Isolation during the Pandemic

These are bizarre times. Yes, there have been pandemics in the past, but never with the level of technology and interconnectivity in place today. Like many, you may be working from home, but you still face an onslaught of information through the news and social media. There you sit, helplessly reading stories about coronavirus from […]

Feeling More Tired Than Usual During This Coronavirus Lockdown?

I’ve noticed a lot of people on social media saying they’ve been feeling tired earlier than usual while on lockdown. Normally able to stay up into the small hours, they are now hitting the pillow at 10 pm. Many wonder how this can be when we are all doing less. The feelings of fatigue that […]

Co-Parenting during the Pandemic: 4 Tips for Divorced Parents

Co-parenting with your ex can be complicated even during the best of times. But now that the coronavirus pandemic is pushing stress and anxiety levels to their limits, that awkward relationship with your ex may be operating on extra-thin ice. Considering that the situation doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon, you probably need to […]

COVID-19 Consultations for First Responders and Medical Personnel

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. David Lowenstein is offering no-copay and no-deductible consultation services to first responders and medical personnel. These consultations can be conducted via phone or Zoom video conferencing. Call 614-444-0432 to schedule an appointment.

Tips for Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic

Are you feeling anxious and worried about the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, please know that you’re not alone! Being nervous about the chances that you, a loved one, or a friend may come down with this novel coronavirus is common. These feelings can be intensified by the seemingly nonstop news coverage on the topic. While […]

COVID-19 Update

At Lowenstein & Associates, we understand the seriousness of the current COVID-19 situation, and we are trying to do what’s in the best interest of the entire community. We will remain open for in-person sessions, but patients can schedule a telephone session if needed. Please do not come to the office if you are ill […]

Are You Handling the Coronavirus Okay?

If you’re feeling anxious about coronavirus (COVID-19), you’re not alone. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to control every risk that comes your way and still lead a meaningful, reasonable and productive life at the same time. Extensive and unrealistic avoidance is not compatible with survival.  Instead, many experts recommend doing what you can to reassert a sense […]

Loneliness: What You Can Do to Fight It

People are inherently social beings. We crave community, socialization, and making meaningful connections with others. But satisfying that need isn’t always easy – nearly half of all Americans report feeling lonely sometimes, or always. Loneliness is no casual issue. A chronic state of social isolation has connections to anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Thankfully, […]

Online Dating after Divorce: Is it Right for You?

Now that your divorce is a thing of the past, you may be thinking about dating again. If you were married for a while, however, there’s a good chance you’ll notice some big changes in the dating scene. Certainly not the least of these is the advent of online dating apps. While the apps may […]